Basic Digital Photography Class

The photographic images in this gallery were created by students in the 2019 Basic Digital Photography Class conducted at the Lawrence Library in Pepperell, MA. The class started with students learning the basic features and functions of Digital SLR (DSLR) cameras and ended with the introduction to composition and the Elements of Visual Design. Most of the students are continuing in Part 2 of the class which is focused on the many Elements of Visual Design and Composition including lines, shapes, textures, shadows, perspective, negative space, vanishing points, and much more.

The objective of Part 1 was to help the participants take better photographs consistently and on purpose, learn how to use their camera and operate it in manual mode, and transition from simply snapping pictures to making photographs. To achieve this goal, they learned how to adjust the different exposure settings based on the lighting conditions and the subject matter that they were capturing; they learned how to best focus and manage Depth of Field; how to shoot informal portraits; and how to deal with moving subjects and panning. Each week consisted of a class lecture, homework, and critiques of their work.

As you can see from their images, each student is seeing the world around them a bit differently: as photographers and as artists. They are noticing the light, the shadows, the backgrounds, and the reflections. They are showing their subjects from a different point of view or perspective. They are highlighting the color, the detail and the uniquess in each of their subjects. I hope that you enjoy viewing their images as much as I have enjoyed working with each one of them.

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