Lawrence Library, Pepperell, MA Photography Exhibit

The images presented in this gallery are on exhibit in the Art Gallery at The Lawrence Library in Pepperell, MA until September 29, 2018.  

Much of my photography over the past 50+ years has been focused on capturing “moments-in-time”.  Whether it was a sporting event, a wedding, or even a landscape, I became very good at “taking” a great picture – very much left brain – a very technical approach.  For the past 5 years, I have been transitioning from “taking pictures” to “making photographs” – works of art.  Switching from my left brain analytical thinking to my right brain creative thinking.  The photographs on exhibit utilize the various “elements of artistic and visual design” (light, shadow, color, shapes, lines, texture, patterns. perspective, and more) to help me see the world differently; see the beauty that exists if I slow down and take it all in.

The choice of subjects in this exhibit is quite varied but the creativity, preparation, and process for each photograph is the same: utilize the creative tools on my artist’s palette as if they were different colored paints to capture an interesting image that will show the world in a different way and hold the viewer’s attention just a little bit longer.  I hope that you enjoy looking at my photographs as much as I have in making and presenting them.

All photos are available to purchase in various sizes and formats.  Prices do not include shipping fees.  To purchase a photo, click on the thumbnail image and then click on the shopping cart.   Once your purchase has been processed, you will be contacted to arrange shipping/pickup and any shipping charges that may apply.

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