Panning Clinic Photos
July 2018

Panning is the technique used by a photographer to capture an image of a moving subject ending up with a “relatively” sharp subject and a blurred background. This gives the shot a feeling of movement and speed.  Many of the students in the May – July Basic Digital Photography Class at the Tyngsborough Library photographed the athletes competing in a recent Claire Cloutier Try the Tri ( in Tyngsborough.  The contributing photographers are: Michelle Default, Brian Feddersen, Rich Gambale, Janice Lemoine, Kris McLean, Melanie Pacewicz, Ken Puelo, Almerinda Silva, Celine Silva, and Harold West.  Panning is very challenging.  They all captured great images!  Here is their work.

The images in this gallery are available for download at no charge and are provided for personal use only.  Any type of commercial (non-personal) use requires the photographer’s written permission.

To download a FREE photo, display the Photo and click on the shopping cart at the bottom left of the page.  Then select “Digital Downloads“, update the quantity, and check out.  These photos are sized for web and screen display and may not print well.

Image files suitable for printing are available upon request.