About Nick

Nick DePasquale is a freelance photographer located in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts.  He specializes in travel, fine art, and sports action photography.  Nick is a life-long photographer having worked for a weekly newspaper, motorcycle racing magazine, and as a wedding, event and sports photographer.   Over the last 15 years he photographed local town events, Middle and High School sports, college football, fund-raising events for non-profit organizations, motorcycle racing, bicycle racing, running road races, Rock ‘n Roll bands, and high school senior portraits.  His photographs have been published in local newspapers, on various websites, and he designed and did all of the photography work for a local musician’s CD.

Artist Statement

Much of my photography over the past 50+ years has been focused on capturing “moments-in-time”.  Whether it was a sporting event, a wedding, or even a landscape, I became very good at “taking” a great picture – very much left brain – a very technical orientation.  For the past 5 years, I have been transitioning from “taking pictures” to “making photographs” – works of art.  Switching from my left brain analytical thinking to my right brain creative thinking.  My photographs now utilize the various “elements of artistic design and composition” (light, shadow, color, shapes, lines, texture, patterns and perspective) to help me see the world differently; see the beauty that exists if I slow down and take it all in.  My choice of subjects is quite varied but the creativity, preparation, and process for each photograph are the same: utilize the creative tools on my artist’s palette to capture an interesting image that will show the world in a different way and hold the viewers’ attention just a little bit longer.   


Recent Awards

Parish Center for the Arts – Westford Regional Art Event – March 2019 – 1st Place and Honorable Mention. Click Here.

Volunteer Photography Work

In addition to taking and publishing photos for various town and charity events over the years, I also donate and sell my photographs to raise additional $$$ for charitable organizations and fundraisers.  It is my commitment to continue to give back to the communities that have done so much for me and my family.

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