Snowy Owl Photography Workshop

February 8, 2020

Limited to only 4 participants – Workshop is full

Join wildlife photographer Sue Bleiweiss and photography instructor Nick DePasquale at one of Massachusetts’ most picturesque beaches as we explore the sand dunes and salt marshes in search of the beautiful Snowy Owl as well as other shorebirds that winter at the beach.

We will explore the dunes for the Snowy Owl’s favorite roosting spots and with any luck (but not guaranteed!), we will set up and spend time photographing this magnificent bird. We will share strategies and tips for shooting in challenging conditions – dealing with wind, sand, and less than ideal lighting conditions. We will practice panning and shooting birds in flight as well as other interesting subjects that we find.

Workshop Details – The workshop is 1/2 day on Saturday, February 8, 2020, starting at 8 AM on location and ending about noontime. Travel time is about an hour from the intersection of Rt 3 and Rt 495 in Chelmsford, MA to the beach (location will be provided at time of registration). There will be moderately strenuous walking on dry, loose and/or wet sand, or snow. The total distance walked will be about 3 or 4 miles. You will need to carry your gear during the whole workshop. We will provide additional information and tips upon registration.

Camera Gear – A complete list of how to prepare and what to bring will be provided. Typically, the Snowy Owl will be about 100 yeards away from our shooting spot which requires about a 400mm – 600mm focal length for a reasonably sized image. We recognize that everyone may not have a lens long enough to capture a decent shot at that distance. If the Snowy Owl is located further away than is practical to photograph with the camera and lens that you have, we will provide a camera and lens on a tripod to share so that you are able to capture some photographs of the Snowy Owl at longer distances. When roosting, the Snowy Owl will remain in the same spot for extended periods of time making it much easier to capture shots.

Workshop Fee

  • Total of 4 participants – non-shooters are allowed but will take up a spot
  • $150 each prepaid for shooters and non-shooters
  • Additional costs may apply such as parking, food, etc.
  • In case of very bad weather on February 8th, as determined by the workshop leaders, the reschedule date is February 9th. If the weather is bad on February 8th, the plan would be to reschedule for the following weekend.
  • View cancellation policy HERE.