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Beginning to See Like an Artist

I had one of those “AHA” moments this week.  After years of playing guitar and taking guitar lessons, my guitar teacher made a comment that flicked the light switch on.  I am learning to play […]

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How I Got the Shot – Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Sunset, Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Maine Joyce and I were on a motorcycle trip to Bar Harbor, ME.  After doing some research we decided to view and photograph the sunset at Bass Harbor.  In full motorcycle […]

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Backup and Backup Often

One of the mantras that I developed very early in my technology life was: “Backup and backup often.”  I have shared this mantra over and over again with clients, family and friends, and certainly live […]

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Holiday Shooting Tips

The Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday season is a fantastic time to take photos of the family and extended family when everyone gets together.  It is fun to see the changes from year to year […]

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How I Got the Shot – Are you Lucky?

I am not ready for this cold weather!  This past Friday I was shooting a night high school football game in New York.  The temperature was barely above 20 degrees, but it was great being […]

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How I Got the Shot – Il Duomo, Florence

Many of my best photos have been taken just after sunset during the “Blue Hour” when the camera sees an incredible range of colors.  The Blue Hour starts about 10 minutes after sunset and lasts […]

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How I got the Shot – Bar Harbor Sunflower

Have you ever seen a great photograph and wonder how the person got that shot?  If you are like me, you may have thought: “Must be a great camera or a high-quality lens.”  Well, as […]

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